My immediate seriously considered the Knight of Cups ended up being the man under consideration, it defines him perfectly!

My immediate seriously considered the Knight of Cups ended up being the man under consideration, it defines him perfectly!

Firstly, he’s OH so young, innovative and it has a lot of power and charm etc etc. Nonetheless, i possibly could also notice it as a invitation or situation. A few days I went out, saw this guy at the pub and he invited me to his next gig after I did the reading.

Thing is, I’m not having any difficulty using the cards independently but in general? Does the Knight of Cups within the outcome place, in conjunction with the Ace of Cups augur a relationship that is new? I am thinking about the true love type. However the 9 of Pents sorta put a spanner within the ongoing works here! Although we read someplace it could represent a couple with completely different passions, buddies etc, perhaps two independent individuals. Or a couple of whom invest a good little bit of time alone together, happy and content in their own personal small globe. Hmm. It is the card that is only causes my initial looked at the next soul mate relationship seem down. Any ideas? Constantly good to know of things we have actuallyn’t yet considered. Many thanks ahead of time!

The Ace definitely indicates you are considering love and generally experiencing how to see who likes you on eharmony without paying available to it. Into the crowning place, it is made by it clear that this is certainly what is in your concerns, but to choose if it is showing a relationship, I would need certainly to see other cards to point love. The Knight utilizing the ace could lean towards a real encounter, like an invitation from an man that is actual. But, that 9 of Pentacles suggests being all on your own into the forseeable future, thus I’m inclined to learn the Knight in just one of its other definitions (in my opinion, not yours) that is idealization, dreaming not acting, and wishing for a knight in shining armor.

It is difficult for me to tell according to just the few cards you detailed if the Knight suggests your desires or a genuine individual. The Ace and 9 make me lean while you think about what you want in a lover towards you being happily single for a while, but in a positive emotional state and enjoying life.

Even though this is actually the situation, do not be discouraged. Not long ago I did a reading about love and I also got the Knight of Cups crossing, which indicated I happened to be romanticizing the guy in question and seeing things through rose-colored cups. Because of this, we went back into the board that is drawing have actually actually gotten clear in what i am in search of, a lot more than I happened to be before the reading. Some more time alone are a blessing in disguise.

The thing that was the card within the environment position? Which could help shine light on whether its conducive towards an actual guy coming in.

i recently reread your post and recognize you mention “the guy under consideration.” I didn’t understand you’d some guy in your mind. Just what had been the concern you asked Tarot?

Hi Goodluck, many thanks for your feedback. It is funny you mention the surroundings card, (that was The Lovers!) when I read up some more on that last evening. To tell the truth, after reading more onto it we realised we most likely did not must have to create any such thing! All of it clicked into destination.

Although I’m nevertheless not sure exactly how it really relates to my ‘environment’, whether it’s a supportive or non-supportive card – I’d have to say that it’s supportive to what my intuition/heart’s been telling me, as well as the other cards pointing to the possibility of a meaningful relationship if I were to ask myself. It is a biggy though – the massive age space is really challenging and extending my beliefs/conditioning and worries about this. We read somewhere that The fans is not only about a large choice – but it is weighing up my very own personal values and planning to perform some thing that is right. It is absolutely been on my head a whole lot, and it is definitely not one thing I would personally leap into without very first being positively clear on my (and his) motives. It is why the 9 of Pents now makes more sense in my experience. It really is precisely I want to be with, and I got to the point a little while ago where I stopped trying to convince myself I just wanted something casual like you said – I’ve been getting very, VERY clear about what kind of guy. Literally simply surely got to that point of genuine quality and along comes Mr Knight of Cups! really particularly inviting us to their next gig. (It is why I think that the results card had not been just representing him, but their invite.) My friend that is best was here and she stated it absolutely was SO apparent he liked me personally, from seeing how he had been beside me. I do not generally ask the tarot concerns, especially not yes or no types I never get a specific answer as I feel! So, it absolutely was a lot more of a general ‘what’s taking place with my love life during the brief minute?’ kind question. (Using this man at heart.) I am mindful there is never truly a definitive or ‘final’ result to many things, but i obtain the info i want

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